Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure is for

Version 1.0; Effective date: October 1, 2021

At The Free Website we help micro to small to mid-size business to take their businesses online by offering website design and setup service for Free.

We believe that in the no business can take-off nationally and internationally unless it’s on the internet. Not having a website is one way businesses lose an opportunity to grow. After all, any business is a result of hard work, efforts and money invested and not having a website means not to get compensated, isn’t it?

It’s what we do for businesses, help them take their businesses online by designing and setting up their websites for free, while ensuring that they invest the minimum required amount doing so, by the way of using our affiliate links to help them purchase a domain and hosting which is not only essential but mandatory to have their own website.

So now let’s talk about affiliate links.

Affiliate Links

When we recommend a product or a service, we’ll link to the main company’s website using a special link. This link is known as an affiliate or referral link. So, if you end up buying a product or service via our link, we get a commission from the vendor as a small “Thank You.”

This commission is just a few dollars. Sometimes it’s a one-time commission; sometimes it’s a recurring commission — if you sign up for a monthly subscription service.

But here’s something important for you to note — the referral doesn’t cost you a penny. The entire commission is paid to us by the vendor from his pocket Not yours.

And needless to say that we’ll never recommend any product just because we get a commission from the respective company. We’ll recommend if and only if those products or services are used by us and are tried and tested.

For instance, this is what an affiliate link to our recommended host A2 Hosting looks like:

A2 Hosting (Affiliate Link)

Because we get this small commission, we are able to offer our “Free Website Design & Setup” service.

All good?